Ernst is a 12 seat restaurant in Wedding, Berlin.

Seated along the counter directly at the kitchen, guests are invited to spend an evening with us observing the methodical preparation of the menu and interacting with the team throughout the process.

Over the course of the evening, we will share stories of our farmers, winemakers, and craftspeople, who we have come to call our friends and whose contributions have helped shape the direction of the restaurant. We ask that guests set aside 3 to 4 hours for the experience.

The design of the restaurant was handled by Gonzalez – Haase / AAS. Kitchen Architects: Edgar Fuchs GmbH. Textiles: Frank Leder. Ceramics: Carolin Wachter, Yasuhiro Cuze and Andrzey Bero. Carpenter: Rainer Spehl. Cutlery: Luke Hope. Knives: Peter Örjeheim. Glass: Peter Kuchinke and Max Bellinghausen. Photography: Maidje Meergans. Identity/Website: Pizza Pizza.

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